Shirdi - Nashik - Trimbakeshwar Tours / Puja

We organise for you Shirdi - Nashik- Trimbakeshwar Tours & Abhishek, Kalsarp Shanti, Narayan Nagbali Puja with Stay in MTDC Approved Wonderful Mohiniraj Bunglow

Shirdi Saibaba Mandir : Shri Sai Baba is revered as one of the greatest saints Endowed with unprecedented powers, and is worshipped as a God incarnate. This mysterious Fakir first made his appearance in Shirdi as a youth and remained there throughout his long life. He transformed the lives of those who met him and continuously is doing so even after his Samadhi in 1918 for those whose hearts are touched by his love and who pray and call him at any emergency in life for his blessings. Shirdi is 100 km away from Nashik


sai baba shirdi


Trimbakeshwar Mandir : Trimbakeshwar enshrines one of the twelve jyotirlingas dedicated to Shiva and this one is considered to be the main jyotirlinga.The temple is very attractive and nearly hundred feet high. It is built by Peshwas. The major Poojas Narayan Nagbali, Tripindi and Kalsarpa done only at Trimbakeshwar in India


trimbakeshwar mandir


Kushavart : There is tale that Gautam Rishi has stopped river here and taken bath. At the botom of this kund there are water springs. This kund is built in 1750. It is 21 feet deep. There is tradition to take bath in this kund before going in Trimbakeshwar temple.




Gangadwar and Brahmagiri Hills : On top of this hill there is a Brahmagiri from where the sacred godavari river starts and then comes at the gangadwar. There are temples at both places on this hill.




Way to Brahmagiri : This is a way to brahmagiri. Steps and way is built in stone to reach brahmagiri. Large number of devotees visit brahamagiri. The visit here is very joyfull and memorable.




Godavari Mandir at Brahmagiri : This is the start ( ugam ) of godavari river. Legend has it that Guatam Rishi performed a rigorous ritual of prayer and penance or tapasya to Shiva on Brahmagiri Hill which rises above the present-day temple. Pleased with this devotion, Shiva is said to have blessed him and brought down to earth from heaven the sacred river here.


godavari ugam


Godavari River at Nashik : Nashik is around 25 km from Trimbakeshwar. The godavari originated at Trimbakeshar has a dam built on it at Gangapur. This is view of river in Nashik. Godavari is a main water source for many districts in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.


godavari nashik


Ramkund : This is a holy place on Godavari river in Nashik. It is believed that Rama and Sita used to bath here during their exile.This holy kund was built in 1696 by Chitrarao Khatarkar. It is in this tank of holy water or kund that religious Hindus even today, immerse a dead person's ashes so that the soul of the dead person can attain moksha or liberation. The ashes of numerous personalities such as Pandit Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Y B Chavan and others have been immersed at Ramkund.




Gangaghat : This ghat is built by Ahilyabai Holkar. There are number of temples here. It is very pleasing experice to visit this.




Shri Kalaram Mandir : This temple was built in 1780 - 1792 by Rangarao Odhekar Sardar of Peshwas. The temple is 70 feet in height. It was built with black stone from the mines of Ramsej Hill. There is a beautiful gold-plated copper peak on the temple. There are icons of Rama, Sita and Laxman lavishly adorned with adornments.

kalaram mandir


Sundar Narayan Mandir : This is one of the oldest temples situated near Ahillyabai Holkar Bridge on the banks of Godavari River. Gangadhar Yashwant Chandrachud built it in 1756. Fine design is carved on the stones of the temple. The main deity is of Lord Vishnu - alias Narayana along with Laxmi and Saraswati. The temple is built in such an angle that on 20 and 21st March sunrays at sunrise fall exactly upon the Sundarnarayan idol.


sundar narayan mandir


Naroshankar Mandir : Situated in Panchavati area, on the bank of river Godavari is Naroshankar Temple of Rameshwar built in 1747. The architectural style of the temple is called "Maya" style. The temple is surrounded by 1 1 feet fortification. The fortification also centres a "Bell house" in the front part. The famous bell , called "Naroshankar Bell" is fixed there. The bell is a victory memorial over Portuguese. And is a medal - an award for bravery to Naroshankar Rajebahaddur the then gallant soldier of Bajirao Peshwa . It is made of bronze, with six feet diameter. The bell jingle can be heard up to 5 miles


naroshankar mandir


Someshwar Mandir : Someshwar is one of the famous temple in Nashik situated on the banks of Godavari river in Gangapur. This is very popular religious and tourist place. Nearby there is a waterfall and boating in Godavari river.


someshwar mandir


Godavari River at Tapovan :


godavari tapovan


Tapovan : Ram, Laxman and Sita lived here during their Vanvas. Laxman cut off the nose of domen Surphanaka in this area. There are many famous temples are here. The old Laxman temple here is built in 1817.




Pandav Leni : The Pandavleni Caves are located on a tableland on Trivashmi Hill. Built by Jain kings these Caves are around 2000 years old. There are some 24 Caves that were home to Jain saints such as TirthankaraVrishabdeo, Veer Manibhadraji, and Ambikadevi. There are sculptures of the Buddha and bodhisattvas as well. The cave complex consists of large Caves, which were probably the meeting place of disciples and areas of preaching sermons. There are several water tanks chiseled into the rock.


pandav leni


Dadasaheb Phalake Smarak : It is outstanding attraction in Nashik dedicated to one of the most cherished son of Nashik who gave India its first feature film "Raja Harish Chandra". The museum exhibits his artwork, a beautifully decorated garden, and a "Buddha Stupa".

phalake smarak


Water Park


Muktidham : This famous temple is located near Nashik railway station. The Muktidham Temple is built in pure white marble, the colour signifying holiness and peace. White Makrana marble was used to build this temple which has very unusual architecture. Unique to this temple are the 18 chapters of the Gita written on the walls. A visit to this temple by Hindus is considered as a visit to the four  dhams or holy centres.




Gondeshwar Mandir : It is located on Nashik - Shirdi road in Sinnar. The Gondeshwar temple is a very beautiful temple built in the Hemadpanthi style of Architechture. During the Adilshahi rule in Maharastra, Ahmednagar was the capital. One of the pradhans (minister) of Ahmednagar was Hemadpanth who popularised a typical style of construction using locally available black stone and lime. This style became very popular and came to be known as the Hemadpanthi style. The Gondeshwar temple is one of the few structures of this style still in good shape.  The main shrine is of Lord Shiva while four around it are of Ganpati, Parvati, Lord Vishnu and Surya.


gondeshwar sinnar


Saptashringi Devi Temple : Saptashringi Devi Temple the temple of goddess Saptashringi resides 55 kms from Nashik at Wani. As you approach the temple a large rocky hill greets you. This is Saptashringi Hill. The goddess is known to have possessed 18 weapons in 18 hands and is positioned ready to fight the demons.

saptashrigi vani


Nandur Madhyameshwar Dam : Situated 60 kms from Nashik is a bird-lover's paradise. Aptly called Maharashtra's Bharatpur, a wonderful bird sanctuary has been developed here since 1950. Today, Nandurmadhmeshwar is haven to thousands of beautiful migratory birds. The ideal season to bird watch is from October to March.

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nandur madhyameshwar